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                                  JOIN our DANCE Community!

Through this application we will be able to know more about you, your background and your expectations in order to personalize our reply. It does NOT imply any form of payment or commitment whatsoever.We will soon get back in touch with you to arrange a meeting and talk about dancing in person to schedule YOUR FIRST DANCE CLASS! 

- Sébastien

"Before meeting Gullia, I had stopped dancing and thought years of traumatic experiences had killed my love for ballet. After only one private class with this small ball of energy, I was not only able to revive my passion for dance, but also realized how I had fallen in the right arms to do so. Attentive, expressive, patient and generous, Gullia not only finds the best in her people, but help them embrace who they are!
This is not only a dance studio, it is a supportive family, all members dancing in the same direction! Absolutely best dance community in Berlin with a fantastic teacher. You will be pushed, you will learn a lot, and (most of all) you will be respected!"

- Barbara

"Giulia is the best dance teacher I've ever had. Her dance classes for adults are tailored to your skill level and personalized to your interests. She creates a welcoming intimate atmosphere that I've experienced in no other dance class, which makes her passion for dance contagious. Whether just starting to dance, starting again, or at a professional level, from classical ballet to the most contemporary, Giulia is able to meet you where you're at and push you further while supporting you the whole way. Giulia's Dance Class Berlin at GUTstudios is an absolute gem and I recommend it wholeheartedly".

- Silvia Dallera

"I’ve never dance before and since i’m dancing with giulia i’m discovering my passion for dancing.
She is has a lot of love for that and she is the best teacher that you can ever have!"

- Giulia Porcu

"A very nice place with the best teacher in the world! Absolutely recommended!!!"

- Francesca L.

"Before meeting Giulia I had absolutely no experience with the dance world, nor had whatsoever interest in it. But her passion and dedication - she's really able to transmit her love for what she does - made me change my mind. She makes you work hard and gives you the possibility to express yourself through your unique style. She finds the beauty in you and pull it out! It's a great feeling to have a connection to your body, to see how movements can translate emotions and thoughts. And last but not least: she really cares for you as a person. So, what are you waiting for? Start dancing with her, now!!!"

- Marco

"Wow! I had never been dancing before and Giulia was able to help me go way beyond my comfort zone and reach my own personality. The lessons are very powerful and personalized and she has a passion, knowledge and expertise for dancing that I had never seen before. She got me to perform live many times now while continuously improving through private and group classes. Can't wait for the next one! Thank you, Giulia!"

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