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GIULIA MANDELLI  is dance teacher, dancer and choreographer that loves sharing her passion for dance! She was born in Italy in 1990 and began studying ballet at the local dance school at the age of 3, eventually studying Academic Ballet Techniques at several professional national dance centres. She studied under renowned instructors like Marinel Stefanescù, Liliana Cosi, Margarita Smirnova and Carmen Ragghianti. After becoming a student of contemporary dance in the DanceHaus for Susanna Beltrami's Accademy, she received her degree in 2012.


Soon after that, Giulia started dancing in several projects in Berlin. From October 2012, however, she moved to Athens (Greece) to take part in the “Dagipoli Dance Theatre,” thereby also participating in the BioMechanix European project. In 2013 Giulia returned to Germany, dancing in various Siciliano Contemporary Ballet pieces. She also worked on many other projects, including “Istant /Berlin” and “SetTanz Theatre” in Nuremberg.


In January 2015, Giulia founded “GUT Reaction, Percussive Dance Theatre” together with the musician, Marco Rivagli. Giulia travels, creates and performs all over Europe with this performative project. Giulia is now based in Berlin where she performs, teaches and creates with many different companies.

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